Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Why we Hate our Ceiling and other REASONS to REMODLE in 2016

Bernie and I looked up and couldn't stand it. In fact, If we'd had enough brown paper, the ceiling would be covered up like a triple X novella.

Why do a renovation?

10: It's never been done.
9. IF it has been done, it doesn't look like it.
8.Those lights have old books spacing them from the ceiling. Yikes!
7. The areas where the fluorescent bulbs supposedly fit are now either too short or too wide. (How does that happen?)
6. Aren't fluorescents a little too retro?
5. We think of our customers as "guests" and the harsh lights show every once of dust on our floor and furniture.
4. The harsh light make Bernie crazy. 3.Harsh lights show the lines around my eyes. 2.We'll use any excuse to decorate. And the NUMBER ONE REASON TO RENOVATE IS: Everyone and every thing will look SEXIER under the NEW lighting!

"Think we could use a new look for a new year?" asked Bernie.  "Oh yeah," I whole heatedly agreed. It's going to happen. So, as they say.... wait for it!

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