Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Where We Find Our Stuff

Bernie and sidekick "Timmy" stretching their legs on the road to Johnstown
People always ask, "Where do you get your stuff?" We don't mind telling you "IT AIN'T EASY!" Not nearly as easy as it looks. In addition to the stuff in our personal collections we fancy others might like to buy from us, we wait around for relatives to offer us goodies or comb the highways, and byways--literally--looking for all the cool stuff you find in MOSTLY MOD and ARTica Gallery. It seems a lot of people these days want to keep whatever they have. That's not necessarily good news for us. It means we have to go out further and further to find more interesting items. Often taking full days out of the store, just to "go see" what's out there. We are hearing the same from our fellow retro friends, so this is obviously a new trend...this "keeping what you have" thing.

View from the Johnstown Lookout
Part of us is actually glad to hear it. We applaud that people suddenly find Grandma's funky lamp interesting; or that they create a perfect corner for their Great Uncle's credenza, because that means people who come into our store will "get" what we have, and truly appreciate items we find interesting or we are passionate about. They'll add what we have to the stuff they decided to keep...But then that means its harder for us to find great stuff.  But, hey, we'll keep at it, because in addition to loving our job of presenting you: Amazing lamps, quirky gadgets, mid-century furniture, retro mash-ups and primitive pieces, what we love just as much is the thrill of the hunt!

Johnstown Incline

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