Monday, November 9, 2015

Mixing it Up @ Pgh's Vintage Mixer

We survived the Vintage Mixer on Friday and Saturday, November 6 and 7 respectively. No small feat! Bernie and I needed the help of some auxiliary fellows: Drew Knapton, Lynn Barrows, and Janet Watkins to get through it all. And Getting in is always easier than getting out. At the end of each day we all left looking like casting call for the walking dead. Still, we never had so much fun. Flanked by a fun group that included a guy with wagon wheels and antique pop bottle, another with girlly clothing and gas guages and "Stephen" whose love of vintage clothing and Hawaiian Tiki expanded into our space via floppy flowers from faux leis and other tropical folliage. His hunky mannequin also drew folks to both our booth, as Steve had fronds placed over a key body part, which did nothing to stop speculation.

Bess and Jason the hosts and planners have created a real monster event. Making the Pittsburgh Vintage mixer a two days was sheer genius. The Night Owl peice really boosted us for the next day. The people who came where as much a show as the Mixer itself. All the great comments about our merchandise, the jovial crowd, the madly and modly dressed, the stories about bands, kitchen sets, jewelry and every other thing related to mid century. Thanks to the whole Pgh Mixer Team for doing this with us and for us, two glorious times a year!

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